Wilderness Encampment:

Appendix 3 - Numerical support for the chosen orthographies

Here, we consider each of the numerical outcomes of the several possible departures from the chosen spellings of Aaron, Benjamin and Zebulun.

It is necessary to consider only 7 further arrangements of the 16 names because

These data are detailed in the following table:


Observe that each name has associated with it a 'Strong's reference number' by means of which these several spellings may be checked. To clarify the subsequent discussion the associated CVs are identified by the symbols a1, a2, b1, ... and so on.

Here, preceded by the canonical matrix pattern, are the 7 combinations whose outcomes (expressed in terms of the same 5 criteria) are to be considered:

And a brief reminder of the criteria tested:

We are now ready to consider each of the cases in turn:


First, a rehearsal of the canonical matrix whose red entries will be subsequently modified to meet the requirements of each case:

Combination 2:

Combination 3:

Combination 4:

Combination 5:

Combination 6:

Combination 7:

Combination 8:


These results show quite clearly that it is only the canonical case that displays the marked pattern of numerical geometries based upon 37 and its multiples, 666 and 703, and thereby confirms the particular selection of name variants.