The triangle representing 703 - the sum of words 6 and 7 of Genesis 1:1 (translated "...and the earth.") and also the sum of the numbers named when counting to 37 (hence 37th in the general series) is here depicted:

Within the larger triangle it is here revealed as having the same layered structure - both triangles centred around a single counter (represented in white):

Observe here that the symmetrical purple annulus represents the sum of the first 5 words of Scripture, viz 1998, or 54x37 (i.e. 2701 - 703). A rotation of the inner triangle by 180 degrees about the common centre results in the following:

Observe the precision of the fit, and the resulting trisection of the former annulus. Each of the purple triangles now represents 666, or 18x37, and a firm link with Revelation 13:18 (together with its promise of wisdom) is established.

In this latter connection it is significant that 'chokmah' - the Hebrew word for 'wisdom' - is rendered . Read as a number, this represents 73; simultaneously, the sum of the alphabetic positions of these 4 letters is 37. The factors of Genesis 1:1 are thus remarkably and beautifully encapsulated in this one word.