Link2.htm - Further details concerning the conjunctions {16, 49, 25} and {13, 7}

Detail 1

The central counter in the Genesis 1:1 triangle - here marked in white - lies in the 49th row (as counted from top down) and 25th row (as counted from bottom up). It occupies the 25th position in that row.

Detail 2

The following figures reveal that, from a numero-geometrical standpoint, 49 and 25 are potential generators for 73 and 37, respectively.


Detail 3

The squares 49 and 25 are depicted at (a) and (b), respectively, and again in the composite (c), where 37 (principal component of Genesis 1:1 and of the Creator's Name) is presented as a symmetrical octagon, or truncated square. Observe that, 37 is the arithmetic mean of 49 and 25.


Detail 4

There are just two numbers which may be expressed geometrically in three distinct ways - as depicted below. They are 37 and 91 - and are termed 'the trifigurates'. Intriguingly, they are also related via the cubes of 3 and 4, thus:



Vernon Jenkins MSc