The names in the following diagram are those of the twelve tribes of Israel, and the four divisions of Levi. They, together with the manner in which they are arranged, derive directly from the divine directions found in the early chapters of Numbers - the fourth Book of the Torah, and of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. The numbers associated with these names are their 'characteristic values' (hereafter, CVs) - each representing the sum of their constituent letters read as numerals according to the Hebrew scheme of alphabetic numeration introduced c.200 BC*.

[A discussion concerning these names may be found here, and details of their conversions to numbers, here]

* An ancient procedure known as 'gematria' - it being believed by some that, complementing the associated words, additional information lies hidden in these numbers.

A number of regular summations within this structure reveal some interesting facts - these, summarised in the following table:

Observe the following:

Clearly, these are remarkable 'coincidences' - but there are more to follow!

In an alternative manipulation of the quadrants, a representation of Genesis 1:1 as a hexagon is derived (Figure 6):


And what of the other divisions of the original matrix?

To develop the complete picture offered by these data we reintroduce the earlier matrix division and superimpose its upper half on Figure 7, thus:


Additional considerations relating to the arguments which have led to these conclusions may be found here and here.


Stephen Coneglan BA

Vernon Jenkins MSc